Joshua Appleby

Hi, I’m Josh Appleby. I’m a graphic designer, as well as a photographer, musician, and gamer. Through the beginning of my life, I have developed myself to be proficient in many different things. I have excelled in sports (soccer & tennis), music (piano, cello, bass, & voice), crafts (drawing & woodworking), and academics.

In college I tried several things out before settling on graphic design. Originally, I pursued aviation, before switching to music and computer science.



Through college I have had the opportunity to travel and have loved the experience. In this time I traveled to New York City by bus, stopping at many states and historic places on the way. Since then, I have also visited Hawaii, staying on Oahu and the Hawaii island. A year later I went on a mission trip to Oaxaca, Mexico where I helped build housing with a team. After this I visited the Colorado mountains and New Orleans.